How do 15 creative people agree on one 20th anniversary celebration?

They Don’t.

Rare Bird got its start in 1998. (We can’t believe it, either!) Of course, we wanted to mark this momentous occasion. But when all 15 of us sat down together to brainstorm a fitting celebration, we had too many good ideas. Among them:

  • Give socks to homeless people!
  • Play ping-pong!
  • Donate blood!
  • Throw a party!
  • Thank a mentor!
  • Kill zombies!
  • Get a puppy for Kelsey!
  • Shave our heads!

And on and on. (After all, we’re in the ideas business.)

Then it dawned on us: let’s celebrate with a whole year of giving back and having fun. Let’s do 20 things.

We’re calling it “Good Deeds & Good Times.”

As the year unfolds, we’ll let you know what we’re up to, and even invite you along for some of our adventures. Watch our blog and social media for updates. (And if you haven’t already, sign up for our newsletter, so you don’t miss out.)

Our celebrations so far:

  1. We collected more than 300 items (and an extra $1,000) for homeless veterans
  2. We rolled up our sleeves and gave blood
  3. We’re raising money (and shaving our heads!) for childhood cancer research
  4. More to come!