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If bad kerning makes you crazy, the latest Figma updates made you smile and a supremely executed concert poster makes you swoon, keep reading. If you tend to take notes in a visual style, white space feels like a little hug, and you believe Helvetica can communicate almost anything, get ready. If you’re looking for a really great place to work, surrounded by ridiculously talented people and don’t mind the occasional padding of puppies, let’s talk.
We need your crazy, organized, graphical way of looking at the world. We need your fresh ideas, your strong work ethic, your creative flow. Yes, of course we want you to make things look great, but we value clear communication first. We want a thinker who likes to read, stays up with emerging trends, and appreciates a great piece of art.
You’ll be working on websites, UX/UI design, branding, logos, sales materials. In other words, you’ll be designing stuff. All kinds of stuff.
We’re looking for someone with some experience, but maybe you can convince us otherwise. We’d like someone who understands HTML and CSS, but great design skills come first. We want someone who can work equally well on their own or with a team, but… well, that’s actually not negotiable.
Now that you know who we’re looking for, we have to ask: Is it you?