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PHP/MySQL Web Developer

Truly talented developers are rare, but we know you’re out there. We may have seen your work; we may have even marveled at it. It’s time to stand up and take credit. We need you.
We need a web/database developer that loves the LAMP environment, especially the PHP/MySQL stuff. We need someone who understands good interface design, can get their hands dirty with AJAX, and can work intimately with CSS. We want someone who eschews the corporate grind and would rather make a life than merely earn a living. We may not work you harder, but we’ll certainly push you to work smarter. How will you know if you’ll love it here?
Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I fulfilled doing what I’m doing, where I’m doing it?
  • Am I being sufficiently challenged to hone my craft?
  • Am I appreciated for both my exceptional talent AND my outstanding personality traits?

Working with us, you’ll have a team you can rely on who will challenge and appreciate you. Of course, we’ll also expect a lot from you, and we’ll be endlessly asking you things that start with “What if…?”
If that sounds like something you’d love, and you can speak coherently and think on your feet, there really isn’t any reason we shouldn’t be friends already.