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Marketing Strategist

It’s hard to find great people. And then, when you do, it can be even more challenging to get their attention.

I suspect — partly because you’re here — that you may be one of those elusive ‘great people’ to whom I’m referring. Which makes me wonder: how can I best appeal to you? How can I tell you about us, what we do, and what we can offer you that will stop you in your tracks and make you think, “This is a place I want to know more about”?

And, hopefully: “This might be a place I’d like to work.”

It’s the employer’s dilemma, and it’s identical to the marketer’s dilemma. 

More to the point, it’s part of the job of a Marketing Strategist to solve this kind of problem every day for our clients, which is precisely where you come in.

As a marketing strategist, you understand the numbers and how they relate to people. You see (and can help others see) the big picture. You eat, breath, and sleep strategy. You maximize impact. 

You’re able to craft a solid marketing plan and direct the team to get it done. You understand automated marketing techniques and enjoy the process of putting together compelling campaigns. You understand branding is important and good content is required, but strategy is king. 

You love Super Bowl commercials and search ads with equal intensity. People frequently call you creative, but you understand that the best creative concepts ever devised were built on knowledge and data.

You’re looking for something bigger with more responsibility and opportunity, something that will be a catalyst for your expanding skill set, that will push you to think harder and be more. 

And, of course, you think it would be nice to work with other great people.

We should talk.

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