J.R. Samples | Sales Vice President

J.R.’s been referred to as an “acquired taste,” which may not seem like a compliment at first. But then you start thinking about things like wine, coffee, and a gorgeously-marbled Roquefort and you realize acquired tastes are actually some of the very best on earth.

As Rare Bird’s Sales VP, he brings a background—and a focused mindset—centered on healthy growth. A self-described “builder,” J.R. loves helping people and organizations develop to potential. Other loves include reading, traveling out West, and scuba diving (yeah we didn’t see that one coming, either).

Favorite movie line or quote:
“We don’t need no stinking badges.” – Blazing Saddles

Don’t tell anyone, but singing the national anthem can make me cry.

Favorite thing about working at Rare Bird:
Blending individual passion and initiative into the company mission.