Have you ever gotten lost inside your own head while simultaneously thinking deeply about someone else’s perspective? Looked at a web page and thought, “that button makes no sense” or “let’s just inspect this element” or even “are they using gulp to improve this workflow?”

Yes? Good. You’re looking at the right job opportunity.

This is what we’re looking for:

Someone with insight, empathy, creativity, talent, and a deep desire for expanding their knowledge. Someone who works well with others, takes direction easily, offers guidance thoughtfully, and is happy enough to work independently when required. Someone who understands the alphabet soup of ajax, gulp, git, mvc, js, npm, and — of course — html and css. Someone who wants to work closely with designers and developers and is capable of understanding them both. Someone who communicates clearly, in person and in writing, and honestly, truly loves what they do. You’ll also need to be able to balance multiple priorities, meet deadlines, stay on task, and like dogs.

We’re growing and need help in our new Carmel office. Our current Front-end Developer has more on his plate than he can eat, so we’d like someone to sit next to him and give him a hand. There are lots of specific requirements beyond the general things above, but we’re mostly looking for good, intelligent people that like being a key part of a great team.

Does that sound like you?

Tell us how you can help