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Creative Writer/Content Specialist

This is you: You think about marketing… a lot. You know plenty but have a thirst to learn more. You love figuring out what makes something compelling, why things work, or how people tick. You see things and think, “I wonder why they chose to do that,” or maybe, “I would have done that differently.”

You’re able to craft solid marketing content that tells a story, communicates a message, or sells a product. You can translate complexity into clarity. You can write 500 words without breaking a sweat, but whittle that to 50 when required. You take typos kind of personally.

You can plan the work and work the plan. You understand automated marketing techniques and enjoy the process of putting together compelling campaigns. You recognize the role of online advertising in the overall media mix and know your way around Adwords and SEO. You respect deadlines.

You enjoy being an essential part of a talented team. You adapt to changing environments quickly, think lively on your feet, and clearly communicate your intent.

You love the flexibility and challenge that comes from working in a creative environment but respect the fundamental need to keep things moving. You think one of the great things in this world is to help people build things… like solutions to problems or better businesses or legacies for their children.

If all of that is you, then you’ll love it here. Because that’s what we do, and we need someone great to help us do more of it. (That’s you.)

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