Stop me if any of this is familiar:

You think reels should BeReal, regardless of where they’re posted. You’re on TikTok as a creator, not merely to avoid cleaning the apartment. Once you got past all the old people on LinkedIn, you recognized it has exceptional value to a certain audience. Many of the other social platforms could be considered extensions of your personality, and beyond understanding how they work, you’re interested in what makes each one unique and how you might leverage that uniqueness to help tell stories, build brands, and expand influence.

You also happen to be a team player who can lead by example and effectively communicate a clear vision to everyone that needs to know. You have a natural ability to influence and persuade others towards a common purpose, and you inspire enthusiasm and commitment from others towards a shared goal, even in challenging circumstances.

You’re interested in working in a creative environment with people who exude both professionalism and confidence, and look forward to the opportunity to add your unique personality and insight to the mix.

Finally, while social media may be your primary thing, you’re open and excited about learning other parts of the marketing world, including branding, advertising, analytics, direct mail, and anything else that might eventually roll across your desk (or screen.)

If this is ringing some bells, then this Social Media Coordinator position is for you, and you should be the Social Media Coordinator for us.