Do you ever get lost inside your own head while thinking deeply about slimming plugin bloat? Or look at a website and wonder what framework it is built on, and know how to find out? Or think “This page loads slow and I bet I can fix it.” Or even, “They’re using Elementor, but I bet a custom Gutenberg block would be more efficient.”

If so, you’ve found the right job opportunity.

We’re looking for a WordPress developer with insight, empathy, creativity, tenacity, and a deep desire to continually expand what they know and can do. Someone who:

  • works well with others, takes direction easily, offers guidance thoughtfully, but is also happy enough to work independently when required.
  • understands the alphabet soup of php, ajax, git, mvc, js, npm, and (of course) html and css.
  • wants to work closely with designers and other developers—and is capable of understanding them both.
  • has experience developing custom WordPress themes and/or plugins, a strong understanding of WordPress-related technologies and theming, and the Gutenberg editor.
  • communicates clearly, in person and in writing, and truly loves what they do.
  • balances multiple priorities, meets deadlines, and stays on task, whether they’re deep-diving into the details of a project or carefully explaining an idea to a client.

We’ve been around since 1998, and we’re still growing. Our office is located inside the Indiana Design Center in Carmel.

There are other development-specific requirements beyond the general qualities above, but if you don’t already have a good idea what those might be, you may not be right for this role. In general, we like to hire good, intelligent people who like being part of a great team.

Does that sound like you?