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Have a story to share?

Maybe you’d like to take a moment to share some Rare Bird stories with us in the comments below?

Our blog is a good place to jog your memory. You can start with Jim Cota’s recent look back, “The Gain, Not the Gap,” but we’ve had a blog for so long, you can also see what we were thinking on the occasion of our seventh, tenth, and twentieth anniversaries, too.

We may feature some or all of your comment in a future email, social media post, or other channel.

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Previously Shared Comments

Mike puts things together in record time, with memorable, first-class color and design, so important with deadline-driven promotion. Thanks to Jim Cota for the initial consultation on how to get more subscribers to our newsletter. ChamberFest Brown County wouldn’t have made such headway without Rare Bird’s generous support of our non-profit music mission. MANY THANKS from ChamberFest Brown County President Annie Hawk and the CFBC Board!

Annie Hawk, President

ChamberFest Brown County

I have a ton of memories, both from working with RareBird and being part of the Flock. One of my fondest memories is the 20 things we did for the 20-year anniversary. From volunteering to giving blood, or racing go-carts (never being able to catch Justin) or axe-throwing (fearing for my life or at least my toes whenever Michael (not Fox) was throwing his axe like he was angry at the target boards or when Jim tried but could never seem to hit the target. But really, it was just the awesome experience I had every time I interact with the group and especially Jim.

Jason Nye

Congratulations on 25 years! It’s been a joy working with all of the Birds throughout our long relationship. I vividly remember meeting at the old office and eating Jimmy John’s while trying to solve the various problems of the day. There was always a solution or a path forward, and that path still moves forward with new solutions to all the things we can throw at the team. Cheers to 25, and to many more years of good times and great successes.

Matt Krieg


25 years! Congrats to all of you.

I have many fond memories of you guys, playing basketball and brainstorming about the latest PHP or Apache development. Driving to Longaberger Baskets. Or hanging out at your various offices.

We existed in a perpetual startup mentality. It was fun and the golden age of the Internet. Everything was new and exciting.

Cale Hollingsworth

3 guys with vastly different personalities, 3 unique skillsets, and between them just enough arrogance to think they can venture on their own to create something great. They launch a company that not only survives, but thrives amidst an ever-changing landscape. Congrats not only to the founders but to everyone who has had a part in a 25 year success story. Well done!

Darren Nyce

Working with Rare Bird was a such a positive experience. And congratulations to Rare Bird for navigating Harvard Medical School requirements, our new fulfillment house’s requirements and a frazzled GM (that would be me) trying to work with all of you help to successfully move our new website to life.

Helen Hoart

Congratulations on your 25th anniversary!!! It has been a pleasure to work with you for many of those years, looking forward to many more successful years!

Karl Wilson


Congratulations on 25 years! Here’s to another 25 amazing years.

Dorothy Loudermilk

At the height of the pandemic, Jim and Troy sent all the Birds boxes of snacks & candy to help us get through lockdown. Best deliveries ever!!!

Caroline Mosey

My experience working with the Rare Bird flock was one that would prepare me so incredibly well for the next chapter of my career as an e-commerce business owner. Anyone who knows their amazing work won’t be surprised to learn I gained such expertise. What I wasn’t necessarily expecting was that I would make some lifelong friends in the process. Thanks for your professional mentorship and your meaningful friendship. Congratulations on 25 years of well deserved success.

Dan Wagoner

Rivet Apparel Co.

Please be advised that I’m only missing because we have a grandson’s birthday party on that date.
Note that a special celebratory back up is being developed.

Memory: Although a notable number of security men of unimportance died during this 25 year mission, it was obviously successful.
I’m sure you are very proud of this accomplishment, just as your big brother is of you.


Todd Meussling

Congrats to the Rare Bird team for 25 years of great work. So…a rare bird is defined as “unusual” or “exceptional” and those two words are powerful in defining this team. Unusual in their dedication and commitment to providing exceptional service at all levels. Exceptional in the unusual way they expertly weave creativity with functionality to deliver top notch designs. There are no boundaries to what you can do in the next 25! Keep flying high!

Beth Slusher

Give A Note Foundation

Many years ago (guess it would be just about 25 years to be exact) we were so happy that Rare Bird would soon be cracking it’s shell cuz that meant that maybe our son would soon be moving out of our basement! 😀 Seriously, we are very proud of Jim, his wife Char, all their family AND all of the Rare Bird flock over the years. It has been a great experience watching you take wing and fly high. Congratulations to all, keep up the good work!

Jim Cota’s Mom & Dad – Dick & Jan


As a new grad hire in 2010, Rare Bird gave me the resources, experience, and skills to grow into my career. I was given space to explore what I wanted to be professionally, while being encouraged and challenged along the way. I wouldn’t be the developer I am today without the flock that was behind me for the 9 years I worked there. Cheers to 25, friends!

Kyle Bavender

To think, this all started in our converted garage. So proud.


Good friends and great colleagues for almost 30 years! Congrats! Not surprised they made it this far.

Thomas Gasta

I don’t have RareBird memories but rather pre-Bird memories of when Jim was an account manager/copywriter and Troy a graphic designer. So impressed with what you 3, then 2, owners plus your team have done over the past 25 years! Congratulations!

Myra Cocca