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What’s It Like to Work with Rare Bird?

Partnering with Rare Bird means working with a Flock of dynamic, creative, inquisitive, and downright tenacious feather-rufflers who’ll rustle up attention for your brand.

Happy Mother’s Day from the Flock

Being a mother is (more than) a full-time job in its own right, but the working moms on our team balance the demands of work and family with continual grace.

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The Gain, Not The Gap

While it’s obviously important to know your ideal and strive for it, if we only measure progress against that ideal, we devalue our experiences along the way and diminish our future accomplishments. 

A selection of books Rare Bird recommends to clients, prospects, and friends.

The Rare Bird Bookshelf

A few of the books we recommend, as well as titles that are in some way foundational to our work as the Midwest’s most trusted marketing company.

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The Value of Custom Code

Your business deserves an impressive and distinct online presence, which means hiring developers who can write custom code.

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Dark Mode and Design

Dark mode looks great, but it creates as many accessibility issues as it solves. Consumers like the option, however, so it’s not going away anytime soon.

Tom Gasta

Birdwatching: Tom Gasta

Our go-to guy for all things email, video, Photoshop, and animation doesn’t think he’s anything special. That’s another reason why we love him.