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Nested Knowledge: How to Build a Marketing Budget

Budget season is upon us, and you may be grappling with an age-old question: How much of my budget should be allocated to marketing? To tackle this challenge, we set loose our formidable research team to gather information and report back

Harvard Bound: Rare Bird Goes to Boston

In the second installment of Rare Insights, Jim Cota shares a valuable reminder: Selling is almost always about whether you can provide the right solution to a problem—and even globally-recognized brands need that.

UX/UI experience

The Quiet Evolution of UX/UI

In the early days, web designers and developers learned to prioritize the user experience. Now that most people and companies are familiar with UX/UI, the industry is no longer in uncharted territory.

Saying Goodbye to Twitter

In terms of active monthly users, Twitter has never fared well compared to other social media platforms. If you consider Twitter a viable path to reaching potential customers, here are a few reasons why it might be time to shift your focus.

Rare Bird Turns 25

We can’t believe it, either. Rare Bird is finally old enough to rent a car, volunteer for the United Nations, and have a drink in Delhi. We were already old enough to have a drink in Indiana, though—so we did.

Words From Our Fathers: Wisdom, Humor, and Advice

To celebrate the fathers out there who effortlessly combine wisdom, love, a shaky sense of humor, and an unshakable commitment to their families, we asked some members of the Flock to share a few words from their own fathers.

The chicken or the egg?

Which Comes First, Content or Design?

Writing and design are not mutually exclusive endeavors. The key is to strike the right balance between the two, like a dance where each partner’s efforts enhance the other’s performance.