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Email Marketing Works

With an impressive ROI, email marketing endures because it’s good at driving engagement and generating conversations. So don’t listen to the naysayers. Email works.

The Power of Storytelling—Social Media

The third episode of our series, The Power of Storytelling, highlights the impact of authentic storytelling in social media. Amid the digital noise, storytelling transforming fleeting interactions into enduring connections.

2024—Your Year of Video

Your Year of Video

You might think you don’t have the means to incorporate video into your overall marketing effort, but the costs have come way down from where they were just a few years ago.

A videographer during a shoot.

The Impact of Video Marketing

More than just a trend, video marketing is a fundamental shift in the way consumers interact with content. Time to get onboard.

The Power of Storytelling—Video

The second installment in our series, The Power of Storytelling, explores how the seamless integration of visual narratives and strategic marketing techniques can deeply engage viewers and leave a lasting impression.

Unwrapping Joy: Our Favorite Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Join us in celebrating the magic and wonder of our all-time favorite holiday campaigns. This curated list has been carefully selected by members of the Flock to infuse your festive season with joy and captivate the spirit of togetherness.

Anatomy of an Effective Landing Page

Here, we examine the strategic elements of landing pages that convert casual browsers into engaged customers, using a section-by-section breakdown of a recent landing page Rare Bird made for one of our clients.

The Power of Storytelling—Writing

Rare Bird proudly presents its latest series, The Power of Storytelling, which explores the profound influence of storytelling as a pivotal tool in modern marketing. This first installment showcases how the written word can transform loose ideas into a compelling narrative that leaves a lasting impact.