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Show & tell

The Power of Show & Tell

When you visit a company’s website, you want to examine what they do—to see the products and services offered, and also evidence of the company’s prior success. Whatever the circumstances, a click or search has delivered you to their page and an encounter with a precise combination of words and images designed to persuade you. […]

Two Birds in the Big Apple

Two of our incredible designers—Ashley Nixon and Troy Chandler, Rare Bird co-founder—traveled to New York City in October to attend the Smashing Conference, which describes itself as an “inclusive [and] friendly conference for people who design and build for the web.”  The conference emerged from Smashing Magazine, an online magazine founded in 2006 that is […]

Getting It Right

After 20 years as an English professor, I left the classroom to begin my new role as lead writer here at Rare Bird. It only took three days for a coworker to say aloud what a few others must have been thinking: An English professor working here? That’s my worst nightmare.  Another colleague, after hearing […]

The deep work cave

In Pursuit of Deep Work

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I would spend the workday at my desk, tucked inside Rare Bird HQ in the Indiana Design Center. I was even one of the few that snagged an office with a sliding wood door, removed from the central bustle and buzz of the open floor, […]

The first half of 2020 cracked our illusions

3 Illusions Taking an Axe Hit This Year

We’re saying it: the first half of 2020 has been an exhausting roller coaster. Our country—our world—has been shaken up on multiple fronts these last several months. It’s fair to say we’re living in some crisis moments. Like us, you probably think of the term crisis with negative connotations. But if you go all Greek […]

Small Moments

Like many of you, we’ve found ourselves away from the normal routines and rhythms of our workday. Life has shifted dramatically, and there’s no denying we’re in the midst of an incredibly challenging moment in history.  And yet.  We’re doing it. We’re adapting to the changes with the openness, empathy, and positivity we’ve believed in […]

Life Lessons from Mr. Luck

Once upon a time in Indianapolis, everyone’s phones exploded with breaking news alerts and confused texts from friends, family, and fellow Colts fans. Andrew Luck was retiring from the NFL two weeks before the start of the regular season. And no, it wasn’t a joke or a rumor. There he was on TV moments later, […]