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Our Story

Rare bird, derived from the Latin rara avis which means a rare or unique person or thing.

In 1998, three guys left their careers in the ad agency business with their own blank sheet of paper. On that sheet, they began outlining their idea (to build great websites for companies of all sizes) and their dream (to build a place where talented people could do what they love).

When that idea and dream took wing, Rare Bird was born.

Two of those guys are still here, working alongside that team of talented people. The third? He’s now a client. And the work? In the vernacular of our office, you might say “our code has come a long way.” We stand amazed and proud (and honestly humbled) by the opportunities we’ve been presented with, the challenges we’ve overcome, what we’ve accomplished with—and for—the best clients you can imagine (turns out, quite a lot).

Sometimes dreams don’t turn out the way you expect. In this case, we couldn’t possibly have dreamed something this…well, this awesome. A creative dream team of whip-smart, accomplished, dependable, and downright good people, the kind you’d feel good about leaving your kids with (but your Tesla, probably not so much). Working in and keeping up with an industry that is constantly changing. And the true gift of having the chance to learn something new, every day, and to make the dreams of our clients take shape and fly.

To be perfectly clear: We can’t actually make anything fly (yet). But take a look at some of the work we’ve created and pushed out of the nest to take wing and thrive.