Ashley Nixon

Ashley is one of those people that makes graphic design look, like, easy. But in reality it requires a high level of expertise, even higher attention to detail, and an artistic and very discerning eye. Her extensive portfolio of award-winning websites says this: she knows what works in the world of design. And at the end of the day, clients need what works.

Mom to two kids and one temperamental-yet-lovable dog, Ashley finds her inspiration in slow yoga, fast music, mountains, family, and well-executed vegetarian fare.

Exact moment you knew you were a nerd?
I went to the re:build conference and was one of maybe ten girls there. I looked around thinking there were a lot of nerdy people there. Then I realized that probably made me one too.

Favorite thing about working at Rare Bird.
The people. We all love what we do, and we’re happy doing it here.

My secret talent is . . .
I can touch my tongue to my nose.