Jon Cartagena

Because Jon grew up in New Jersey—pop culture aficionados will remember that the Garden State is the birthplace of Bruce Springsteen and home of The Sopranos—every day without access to “good pizza and bagels” is a struggle. Despite that, he’s managed to survive here in the Midwest on Sweet and Spicy Doritos and dreams, and maybe some Chicken Maque Choux from Yats for good measure.

As the Flock’s new Video Specialist, Jon excels at capturing the kind of footage we need for clients who know that video—not pizza or bagels—is the way to an audience’s heart. When you hire us to bring your website and marketing materials into focus, you’ll encounter Jon lugging incredibly fancy equipment into your work environment, or even flying one of our drones to get a truly dazzling shot.

“Everyone loves a good story,” Jon says, “and video is one of the most compelling and accessible ways to tell a story.”

What is your favorite movie line?

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

—Gandalf, The Fellowship of the Ring

Are you more like a fine wine or a cheap tequila?

Cheap tequila. I’m all about cutting the fluff and just getting straight to the point. Plus, wine just takes too long to make, and I’m way too impatient for that.

My secret talent is…

Not to brag, but I can play the ukulele at a slightly higher level than a beginner.