Kimberly Stepp

Kimberly doesn’t like to eat (eat…eat…) apples and bananas, namely because she’s allergic to them. What she’s not allergic to? Organizing her environment and tackling challenges. She comes from a family of self-professed tech nerds and if you want to hang with her on the weekends, you’ll need to get on board with 6 hour IKEA benders and DIY car maintenance.

Don’t tell anyone, but ___________________ always makes me cry.
watching Undercover Boss

Exact moment you knew you were a nerd?
I knew that I truly was a nerd the day that my daughter came home from school and told me that they were working on derivatives and integrals. I literally BEGGED her to let me see a few of her homework problems so that I could work them out…for fun. She just looked at me.

Are you more like a fine wine or a cheap tequila? Describe how.
Fine wine. I am a little aged, very balanced and super complex.