Tom Gasta

Tommy is another member of our team with an inexhaustible desire to do things the right way. Even though he has considerable experience in the advertising and marketing industry, he is first in line when it comes to the chance to learn something new. His skills with a video camera and editing programs have added another layer to what we can offer our clients. Need an HDMI cord, an extra charger or the latest gadget? It’s a pretty safe bet Tom will have it on him. His backpack is like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag — full of the unexpected.

Don’t tell anyone, but ________________________ always makes me cry.
The ending of Toy Story 3.

Star Wars or Star Trek, and why?
Star Wars. It was the first movie with my dad and it defined my childhood.

If you wanted to tell a secret to someone at Rare Bird, who would you tell?
Any of the programmers. They don’t like talking to people.