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Modern Marketing

Before we get too hip and modern, let’s first define marketing. From a bird’s eye view, marketing is the bridge between a good or a service and the people who need or want those things. The bridge exists to connect two parties that need each other. Now, this bridge-building requires effort and some know-how for the two-way traffic it supports. Messages, images, information, and feedback travel back and forth, day and night, inexhaustibly. Got the big picture? Let’s swoop down a little closer…

Building the Bridge

Normal bridges are built with concrete and steel. Marketing bridges are built with well-planned strategies, captivating stories, moving videos, fresh designs, responsive websites, effective e-commerce, authentic relationships, meaningful brand experiences…everything necessary to connect you to your customer base. They’re waiting for you just over the bridge.
Today, thanks to the internet, that bridge stays busier than ever. Marketing becomes Modern Marketing when it sees the traffic from above—the bird’s eye view—and detects a pattern in the seeming chaos. Modern Marketing understands all those intricate parts, sets them in thoughtful motion, and stays with them. Successful Modern Marketing takes agility and finesse, and only a truly rare bird can do it well.