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Yes, it’s the destination. But often, it’s just as much about the journey.




Here’s the thing: People who spend their time knitting, crocheting or beading tend to be serious about their craft. They painstakingly and expertly put in the time and effort to make their creations the best they can. They joyfully undertake this task because the satisfaction that comes with doing things well — even if others never see it — is a sweet reward itself.

The people at Annie’s instinctively understand this. They put the same dedicated attention and care into their craft: helping their customers find the tools, supplies and know-how to do the job perfectly. Annie’s innovative approaches help them serve customers in unique ways, from online video courses to yarn selection tools to a complete “how-to” technique library. It’s a crafter’s dream.

“Nearly two decades ago, internal discussions were underway on the best way to set a course for our online presence. Ben, Jim, and Troy presented ideas to our company executives that served to lay the cornerstone of our long-time relationship with them, and over the years we’ve continued to build on that solid foundation. For our complex business needs, they have repeatedly proven themselves to have the right stuff when it comes to helping us steer our way.”



Annie’s was our first customer, and we’re delighted that our relationship has only grown stronger over time. Their craft became ours as we worked together to break ground selling physical and electronic items in the same shopping environment, or creating one of the first stores to sell pattern books with digital rights’ management, or implementing a custom-built database administration tool that’s as pretty as the site serving their customers, even though less than a handful of people would ever peek behind the front end of the site to see our particular brand of artistry. We are as proud of how well-crafted the engine of our clients’ sites are as the front-facing side. If you don’t think code can be beautiful, well, we’d be happy to show you.

The common thread, if you will, seems to be this: those who craft, no matter their chosen medium, know this one thing to be true: anything worth doing is worth doing well.