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Still waters run deep. Their expertise runs deeper.

Gripp, Inc.

Gripp, Inc.


Gripp, Inc. serves municipalities and corporations engaged in water and wastewater treatment across Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. Their clients trust them to provide innovative, reliable, and—perhaps most importantly—precise solutions that safeguard public health, protect water resources, and ensure sustainable operations. They’re exactly the people you want to oversee such out-of-sight work that affects everyone.

Because they understand the intricate challenges and responsibilities of their unique industry, Gripp, Inc. bas become an essential partner for communities and industries alike in their mission to provide clean, safe water. Beyond their expertise, however, it’s ultimately their commitment to excellence that makes the difference, extending across the field services that are delivered by factory-trained technicians.



“When we decided to redesign the Gripp, Inc. website, we sought a partner who could capture the essence of our brand and mission. The Rare Bird team truly understood our business and our customers from the start. The website they delivered perfectly embodies our identity and values, striking the right balance between conveying our expertise and our approachability. We are thrilled with the end result and the partnership we’ve built with Rare Bird throughout the process.”

stefani lutz, Operations Manager | gripp, inc.

Charting a Course Through Murky Waters

Our redesign of Gripp, Inc.’s website draws inspiration from their industry leadership and unwavering commitment to precision in every aspect of their work. The visual elements, including the strategic use of their logo colors and custom-captured video footage and photography showcasing water-related imagery, underscore the company’s dedication to improving and safeguarding water quality in the communities and industries they serve.

The revamped website exudes confidence in Gripp’s expertise and reliability while maintaining an approachable and personable feel. By prominently featuring employee photos and testimonials throughout the site, we aimed to deepen that sense of trust and strengthen the connection between the company and their valued client base. After all, it’s the talented people at Gripp, Inc. who ensure that each client is equipped with the most advanced technology and unmatched support, and whose tireless efforts to set new industry standards make a positive, far-reaching impact on our state and its neighbors.