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We admire the gap-fillers in the world. Those people who see a void—an unmet need—and create a thoughtful solution to fill it. For years, Pedcor has been helping solve the problem of cost-burdened renters looking for affordable, quality housing. Through finance, development, construction, and property management, they’re helping to alleviate the housing crisis and provide stable homes across the country.
Observe the gap, devise a solution, and commit your resources to realizing it. This is where Pedcor and Rare Bird have a bit of overlap, although the gaps we see tend to exist in the digital marketing realm. In Pedcor’s case, their website needed an overhaul to become the user-friendly, crystal clear, well-oiled machine it is today.


  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Copywriting

"At Pedcor Companies, we strive to see the world from a unique perspective, one where we can identify specific opportunities to provide services where they can have the most dramatic impact. The key to our success is understanding our strengths as an organization and how they best align with each community's needs. I am continually surprised by how deeply the Rare Bird team understands us and how they weave this narrative throughout the solutions they provide. We value our relationship and view them as an important extension of the Pedcor team."

Brandon Delk, Vice President of Development | Pedcor Investments


Pedcor provides several different specialized services, and their website needs to be a place where all this information can be detailed and easily accessed. From clearly communicating their purpose and vision to helping tenants (and prospective tenants) navigate their way through more than 100 available properties, our role was to see the existing gaps and fill them.

When we do good work for Pedcor, they can continue doing good work for communities across the country. It doesn’t get more fulfilling than that.

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