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Gems can be jewelry or people. Find both kinds here.




What is it about people with style? It’s not something you can easily put your finger on, but you know it when you see it. More importantly, they know it when they see it. They have this effortless ability to command attention … whether casually entering a room, fearlessly pitching an idea or artfully sharing their expertise. Style presents itself in other ways, like classy clothing or tasteful jewelry, but no matter the vehicle, people with style seem to make good decision after good decision, seemingly without breaking a sweat.

The Reis-Nichols family embodies this concept. From the owners to the sales floor, they instill confidence through their expertise and relationship skills. Their secret? Perception. They’re good listeners who take the time to get to know their clients, understand their life, lifestyle and goals. Then they take that knowledge and work with their customers to build lasting relationships and achieve outcomes that sparkle.

“People come to us to commemorate some of the most important milestones of their life – engagements, weddings, anniversaries, births, graduations, promotions. Our business is really about celebrating life! We recognize this unique aspect of what we do, and so does Rare Bird. Their mastery of technology, marketing and understanding of what is important is a hallmark of their business.”



We like to think there’s a little stylin’ going on at Rare Bird as well. We may not be known for our classy clothing or tasteful jewelry, but we have heard from clients time and again that our drive to listen tops their list of “things I dig about Rare Bird.”

As a result, we built Reis-Nichols a beautiful web site that integrates with their custom-built, point-of-sale system to present the same stylish products online that you would find catching your eye in one of their showrooms. We also work together to perfect their search engine optimization and marketing, helping new customers find their way to Reis-Nichols. When those customers walk into a store, greeters are able to utilize a Rare Bird-crafted Greeter App, a cutting-edge, custom app that captures valuable data for both Reis-Nichols and their customers.

In the end, style is really knowing how to keep your cool under pressure. Perhaps knowing how to do that is what Reis-Nichols and Rare Bird have most in common. After all, isn’t taking something simple and putting it under pressure the way diamonds are made?