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Protecting brilliance, one trade secret at a time

US Patent

US Patent


You trust a financial advisor to safeguard your retirement investments. Before hackers infiltrate your company’s network, you ask cybersecurity experts to intervene. And when you need to protect whatever it is that makes your business unique—an invention, a business process, a product design, a catchy slogan, a written manual, a product name, or even a customer list—you turn to the legal experts at Woodard, Emhardt, Henry, Reeves & Wagner, LLP. 

With scientific and technical backgrounds across several fields, these wizards provide the legal protection that inventors, business leaders, and general brainiacs need to defend the unique sparks of brilliance that no one else can offer. Through trademarks, patents, and copyrights, in particular, the firm helps businesses and individuals protect what is often their most valuable asset: their intellectual property.



“The Rare Bird team is creative, talented, and innovative. They asked thoughtful questions, listened to our needs and objectives, and offered their own insights and recommendations. The result was a redesigned website that accurately reflects our brand, protecting our clients’ intellectual property rights. Working with Rare Bird was the definition of collaboration, and the entire team was a pleasure to work with.”


To stand out, distinguish yourself.

When this full-service, IP-focused law firm asked us to redesign and build their website with the deftly chosen domain name,, we took to heart one of the central tenets of their own philosophy with clients: “To succeed, you must stand out.” Their meticulous process, led by expert attorneys, ensures personalized attention and transparency, allowing clients to actively participate in their IP journey.

Woodard, Emhardt, Henry, Reeves & Wagner, LLP, was already a success, but we wondered if we could help them stand out even more in a crowded, competitive landscape. Indianapolis is a hotbed of intellectual property law, so we designed a website that would rise above the rest and resonate with the different audiences looking for a trusted partner to navigate the intricate world of protected ideas. Everybody needs a little help sometimes. (We’re specialists, too, after all.)