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I was doing some research recently and discovered an infographic that explained just how much data is being generated by the information-rich world in which we live. The image showed things like “Google receives more than 2,000,000 search queries” and “Twitter users send more than 100,000 tweets” and “Facebook users share more than 684,000 pieces […]

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had just about all of the spin and rhetoric I can stand. Television news outlets can’t seem to resist the temptation to include their own analysis, newspapers seem unable to simply report the facts, and radio talk show personalities — on both sides of the political spectrum — […]

This morning, I opened my email client to find 10 emails. This is significant for a couple of reasons. First, until about a week ago, I would normally have about 100. Second, I didn’t really do anything to affect this change. The real workhorse is a service called SaneBox. But before you can fully understand […]

I’ve got a friend that knows wine. Todd reads magazines like Wine Spectator, seems to always know which wineries are crafting the best product, and has a knack for recognizing great value. He’s a very handy guy to have around. The problem, of course, is that he’s not always around. Not only that, while he […]

“Atlas Shrugged, Quo Vadis?, The Fountainhead, The Robe, and The Godfather.” My friend John was ticking off his list of “Best Books Ever Written”. “Including The Godfather will likely raise some eyebrows,” he said, “but it deserves to be there.” Almost immediately, the debate began. This is what friends do: we share likes and dislikes, […]

There is very likely a small percentage of the population that loves Muzak. I mean, there must be, or there wouldn’t be a channel for it on Sirius. But let’s say, for the sake of this article, that you’re not part of that group. Let’s assume, instead, that you really dislike being on hold listening […]

To borrow from a long-running campaign from a credit card company, “What’s in your wallet?” Most of us are toting around some cash, some credit and debit cards, maybe a photo or two, reciepts, and a few items that we probably don’t need. The truth is, we’re getting very near to the point where you […]

The new year has arrived, and with it comes the standard pressure of setting (and, for most of us, ultimately failing at) New Year’s resolutions. No matter how you feel about them, chances are that you’re either setting something as a palpable goal or, at the very least, assigning a small amount of mental capacity […]

Back when Al Gore invented the Internet, I’m sure he didn’t truly appreciate the significance of the event. In fact, the original intent was to facilitate military communication in the event of a large-scale war, so the idea of the distributed interconnected networks was a natural. What they hadn’t counted on was the impact this […]

Now that you can get online pretty much anywhere and the devices have evolved to be carried in your pocket, it seems obvious that we would be using the Internet a lot more. And yet, I still find myself occasionally surprised how easy it is to access almost anything you’re looking for, from anywhere, at […]

An awards ceremony was recently held at the National Press Club, but you probably missed it. It wasn’t heralding the latest movie, song or television show, it was, instead, focused on something far more important and often overlooked: plain writing. For some time now, I’ve encouraged our clients, friends– and even my kids– to toss […]

I’ve often thought that words could be just as powerful as pictures, especially when used by someone with effective linguistic skills. But honestly, occasionally it just isn’t true…Sometimes, only a picture will do. This rang true for me recently when I found myself gazing at a photo blog (essentially, a periodic posting of photos with […]