Troy Chandler

In the lightning-fast world we live in, where we expect everything to be instantaneous, Troy is — and we mean this in only the most admiring way possible — a crock pot. Ideas simmer, creativity bubbles up, attention to detail infuses itself into every aspect of his work. You can’t rush the kind of care and insight Troy brings to every project he touches. His thoughtfulness, artistic senses and marketing know-how bring a great zen-like balance to our sometimes monkey-mind environment.

Star Wars or Star Trek, and why?
Star Trek, to boldly go where no man has gone before. Shatner, Klingons and Tribbles. What’s not to like?

When was the exact moment you knew you were a nerd?
I think it was in the mid-‘70s. I was about 10 years old and I bought our family’s first pocket calculator. It was the start of my fascination with all things digital. I was a gadget geek. Had both a calculator watch and a radio watch in my high school years.

My secret talent is . . .
Assembling jigsaw puzzles. I seem to have a knack for seeing how pieces should fit together and spotting patterns. It’s also hard for me to stop once I get started.