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Every cloud has its silver lining.




GadellNet brings the transformative potential of technology to life for its clients, many of whom are intimidated by the cloud, cybersecurity, and the other technology services GadellNet provides and manages. While this leading IT solutions provider helps organizations address their tech concerns with support, strategy, and a whole lot more, they never think of their customers as “users” or “tickets.”

Instead, GadellNet focuses on the people whose lives—and organizations—they transform. For companies, schools, and non-profit organizations that may not have the resources or expertise to proactively keep their organizations running safely and efficiently, GadellNet is there, inviting them into a brighter, safeguarded future.


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“We wanted a partner who could capture the essence of our brand and mission to reimagine the GadellNet website. And the Rare Bird team got it. They took the time to understand our business, our customers, and our mission.  As a result, the website they delivered perfectly embodies our identity and values. The visual elements strike the right balance of conveying our expertise and approachability. We couldn’t be happier with the end result. Rare Bird was a true partner every step of the way.”


Powering missions, empowering people

Our redesign of their website draws inspiration from GadellNet’s original “blue power G” logo and reflects the company’s mission statement (“Power Your Mission”). Like a power grid, which efficiently delivers power to countless homes and industries, this visual representation evokes GadellNet’s commitment to being a catalyst for positive change for the industries and communities they serve.

Their redesigned website also exudes a more approachable, human touch, with rounded edges, white space, and photos of actual GadellNet employees incorporated throughout to engender trust and connection with their customer base. After all, it’s the people at GadellNet who safeguard each client’s sensitive data and help them avoid disaster, or recover from disaster should it strike.