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Few things are more rewarding than getting a piece of information or advice that you know – beyond any shadow of a doubt – is right. Removing all equivocation, you can simply take it as gospel, incorporate it into your life, and move forward with confidence. It’s satisfying beyond measure.
When it comes to health information, Harvard Health Publishing is world-renowned for its expertise. Every article, publication, and piece of content it produces is evidence of its unique competence and medical authority. You can be certain that Harvard Health Publishing has done the research, examined the evidence, and vetted the results before offering you health information and advice. This assurance provides a level of comfort in an internet world where anyone with a keyboard and a URL is an “expert.”

“The mission of Harvard Health Publishing is to deliver accurate, trusted advice so our readers can live healthier lives. Our partners must have the same commitment to accuracy and reliability. Every day Rare Bird proves to be an excellent partner for Harvard Health Publishing.”

Pat Skerrett | Harvard Health Publishing

They handle back pain while we've got their backs.

When we were called in to overhaul Harvard Health Publishing's online commerce, we were instantly aware of what needed to be done to correct the problems and modernize their approach: we built a custom shopping environment that could seamlessly handle physical and electronic items, subscription and catalog purchases, single and recurring orders. We then integrated the whole process with their fulfillment partner in real time, ensuring that orders placed would be immediately accessible by customer service representatives. The result was an e-commerce system as reliable as the world class health information for which they’re famous.

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