The intersection of style and function.

Mayer Fabrics


If your product stays in demand for over a hundred years, you’re doing something right. Mayer Fabrics has been producing textiles for generations without compromising on functionality, style, and affordability—a group of must-haves that may seem hard to coexist together. But they have proven otherwise, with a century of happy customers to show for it.
And it’s not just their product lines that depend on a high degree of functionality. Their business does, too, and that’s why Mayer needed a fresh new website that functions as flawlessly as their fabrics.


  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Copywriting
  • E-commerce development

“The designers and developers at Rare Bird were able to see where we needed to go with our website and provide sound input along the way. The new site checks all our boxes: good design was a must, as well as ease of use. Their team is trustworthy and professional—an overall delight to work with. Never underestimate the power of a partner who understands your vision!”

Steve Mayer, CFO & Owner | Mayer Fabrics

Crafting a well-designed user experience.

Mayer’s extensive collection of textiles needed a home online, a clickable world of color, design, and detail for visitors. We created a design as appealing as their products, and wrapped them in the cutting-edge functionality required by design professionals around the world. From creating mood boards to acquiring samples to ordering textiles for production, the new site is the primary engine of their business processes.

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