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Lighting may not be the first design element that comes to mind, but it’s a critical one. Think about it—lighting impacts everything from safety and security to ambience and atmosphere. It’s part of the experience everywhere you go, which is why lighting projects need creative, innovative, and brilliant minds at the center.
Techlite Corp is a Hoosier-based company with a fast-growing client portfolio stretching across the country. Retail centers, posh hotels, NFL stadiums...these are the kinds of places that tap Techlite for the smartest and most sophisticated solutions.

So when their team reached out and requested a new website to better reflect their identity, we lit up at the opportunity.


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"Re-imagining and re-building a website involves a ton of work and quite a few moving parts. The team at Rare Bird listened carefully to what we were hoping to accomplish and converted our goals and objectives into a beautiful result that radiates the energy of the company. Working together was a good experience from beginning to end and we're thrilled with the results."

Matthew Bibb, Project Manager | Techlite

Show-and-tell time.

While Techlite was busy checking off show-stopping projects, their website wasn’t keeping up with the trajectory. Our mission was twofold: create a new website to represent the scope and style of their work, while simultaneously telling the deeper story of who Techlite is—and has always been—as a company since 1987.

The result? A dynamic new website full of movement, energy, light. A fresh design that showcases their true capabilities. And a narrative that ties together their past, their present, and their principles that extend across both.

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