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Because why and how you do something matters.

Tyner Pond Farm

Tyner Pond Farm


There are people among us who are… different. They live in the same world we do, but how they view it is… well, different. They see a need, a hole in a market, or a cause in which they believe and they jump in with both feet. Chris Baggott, the visionary behind Tyner Pond Farm, saw all three and — oh boy — did he jump.

The need, the market and the cause were all the same thing: to provide better, healthier food that’s been ethically raised following environmentally sound practices and make it available to local families. Five farms and two restaurants later, he’s still putting his effort where it will have sustainable, meaningful impact.

“I didn’t come from a farming background, so when we started Tyner Pond and dedicated ourselves to learning about sustainable farming, we needed a partner who knew their stuff backwards and forwards so we could concentrate on our business with no distractions. Rare Bird’s expertise, marketing ideas and enthusiasm allowed us to get off to a great start.”



At Rare Bird, we have passion and purpose as well. In this case, our role was to design, implement and facilitate. We designed a custom e-commerce system from the ground up to help move the food truly from farm to table; we implemented a product management system intended to help track inventory from processing to your door; and we facilitated the overall strategy to help make the collected data accessible, sensible and actionable. We did all that and wrapped it up in a beautiful, user-friendly design.

Turns out Chris is a bit of a rare bird himself. Luckily, he knew just where to go to find people who would listen, understand and help make his passion and purpose come to life.