Like many of you, we’ve found ourselves away from the normal routines and rhythms of our workday. Life has shifted dramatically, and there’s no denying we’re in the midst of an incredibly challenging moment in history. 

And yet. 

We’re doing it. We’re adapting to the changes with the openness, empathy, and positivity we’ve believed in since day one. We’re finding new ways to connect, create, parent, socialize, and live—just like the rest of you. Our days have become less about expansive movements and more about small moments. 

Since we can’t share our days with each other at the office, we started collecting these moments. With our cameras and smartphones, from kitchens and backyards and kids’ playrooms, we found a way to bring our small moments together and create a picture of what we really are—a family. We hope it’s as much of an encouragement to you as it is to us. 

We’re getting through this one day at a time, and we’ll be a little bit different on the other side. 

We miss you and look forward to the day we can be together again.

Standing with you,
The RB Flock

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  • Posted July 31, 2020 at 2:21 pm | Permalink

    Geeze, could you not have issued a heads up that said: ” A Box of Tissues May Be Needed to Watch This Video”? I am so filled with emotion, and my eyes are filled with tears. This video blog is incredibly moving, and so authentic, endearing, and brave. The images you chose to include in this mosaic of everyday life and the new way we work, are really engaging and sweet. The music is pensive and uplifting. It is truly a celebration of the philosophy of life that has permeated your business from the beginning, Jim. Soulful. Sincere. Kind. Loving. Just like you.

    Thank you for making this wonderful montage – it must have been heartening and strengthening for each of you – but it also lifts those of us who are viewers. You help us see the courage it takes to adapt, to grow, to survive and the hope that is best expressed when we bring ourselves to our life’s work each day. Love is stronger than the pandemic, and the proof of that is right here on your video blog. Blessings to each of you and dear families including the four legged ones!

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