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[Note: This guest post is authored by a certifiable “big brain” and friend of Rare Bird, Chip Neidigh. Chip is a graduate of the US Naval Academy, a former Marine Corps Officer, and a business owner specializing in helping leaders of organizations of all sizes become the best possible versions of themselves.]  I run a […]

I’ve been debating writing this post, but in the spirit of Sir Richard Branson‘s approach (“screw it, let’s do it”) I’ve decided to go ahead. We’ve been working on a few sites for institutions of higher learning and, in the process of researching the competition, happened upon the site for Elon University. I really like […]

Dan forwarded me an article today that ranks right up near the top of my “Things to read that are relevant” list. Titled “What If Giving Up Your Brand Really Means Giving Up?” this Advertising Age article from Jonathan Salem Baskin asks some very pointed questions and draws some mildly controversial conclusions. (At least, I’m […]