Michael recently shared a video  that explored the concept of the desk and what it means to each of us (individually and collectively.) The video was created by Mark Gardner and Aaron Tinder as part of a series for Lexus.
The film was a six minute look at the way we work and, more specifically, how we treat the immediate environment around us when we’re trying to work. There were some interesting quotes from people on both sides of the fence. Here are a couple favorites:

“There’s something about coming to sit at your desk that kind of stops you from becoming completely Nomadic and drifting away entirely. If you want to understand the inner workings of an artist’s mind, then– of course– the desk is the most telling space for that.”  – Alice Twemlow, Design Critic
“Some people thrive on clutter and mess, and some other people just can’t stand it. I like to start the day fresh. If I start the day with things left over, it’s like starting a dinner with leftovers. You can’t start a dinner with leftovers, it kills your appetite! Same here: it will kill my appetite for work. It’s very important to have a place that’s in sync with your self and this is one of the reasons I like this desk. I love it and it loves me.” – Massimo Vignelli, Designer
“I think there’s a sense of warmth about [your desk.] A familiarity, if you will. It’s comfort. It’s home. It’s the womb.” – David Miller, Illustrator & Art Director
“I like having things visible. A piece that I’ve started writing here, or a stray thought there, because things ping off each other in ways that I can’t necessarily predict. I know if I’ve filed everything away some of it will just be filed away forever; dead.” – Kurt Anderson, Novelist & Journalist

My desk is normally cluttered, but I frequently find myself purging everything around me in an effort to get a clean start. Within a (very) short period of time, it’s right back where it was; apparently that’s the natural state.
I walked around the office this morning and snapped photos of everyone’s desk. Einstein is purported to have said, “If a messy desk is a sign of a messy mind, what is an empty desk a sign of?” I’m not sure what these photos tell you about their owners, but they are certainly unique. What about you? What does your desk look like, and what does it say about you?