Harvey Mackay writes an interesting article today about the power of humor in the workplace to transform moods, heighten morale, and — surprisingly — act as a strong indicator of the true health of the business. “I’ve always felt that humor,” says Mackay, “is the unrecognized indicator of any business’ true condition.” Turns out he may be right. An article in Harvard Business Review a few years ago labeled humor as the great, hidden metric for measuring a company’s healthiness or lack thereof, but it’s seldom recognized or considered when analyzing the strength of a business.

[Read the rest of Mackay’s article]

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  • Benefit Ben
    Posted February 15, 2008 at 9:27 pm | Permalink

    Good Article,

    I love to laugh and as I tell people who ask what I do, I help make Happier Healthier Employees. When they ask how I do that, I rarely mention that I tell them jokes, but effective communication and morale issues are key factors in what I do to help companies Engineer a Healthier future. That is why I have hired on occasion, Hal Fryar aka “Harlow Hickenlooper” http://www.harlowhickenlooper.com He is a retired TV star and friend of the 3 stooges, he is such a great guy and lives down the road from me. He spends his retirement going around to different groups and making them laugh. It is part of who he is and that is why he aged so gracefully.

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