Here’s a statistic for you: More than half of the people reading email right now are doing so on a smartphone. (Source: Litmus)

Here’s another one: 68% of Gmail and Yahoo emails are opened on mobile devices. (Source: Litmus)

And finally: Both of those numbers are probably woefully underestimated since they are from 2013. (Source: Me)


What does this mean for you?

As a business owner or marketer, the implications are clear: it’s absolutely time to incorporate mobile-ready design in your email messages. If you’re sending out desktop-optimized messages, you’re missing an opportunity to improve communication by upgrading your user’s experience. And who doesn’t want an upgrade? The airlines never offer first-class customers the “opportunity” to downgrade to coach. You want your customers to have a first-class experience. You want your emails to be read and enjoyed, not asked to operate the emergency door in case of a sudden landing.

Isn’t there an easier way?

Well, yes, sort of. The good news is that the tools available to help with this have come a long way. Many email service providers provide templates that can get you started down the path. If you’re using a custom-designed template and need help taking the next step, let us know. We’d be happy to lend a hand.

One more thing…

Exact Target recently published the 2014 Mobile Behavior Report. (At first I was hoping it contained information I could share with my kids about how they should act in the car, but it turns out it was even better than that.) Instead, it contains 34 pages of instantly applicable data and insights to help you better understand the mobile market and how consumer attitudes are shifting. Really great stuff. You can use this link to download the report and become a mobile behavior expert. (Note: because we still live in a “both/and” world, this .pdf document is intended to be read on a screen larger than your phone.)

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