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When we sit down and talk with clients and prospects, many of whom come to us with statements like “I need a new website,” we always start by asking lots of questions. In my Vistage Group, we refer to this as “brilliant inquiry.” The idea is not to generate solutions but to more clearly define the […]

Admittedly, I’m a fan of Seth Godin. Of course, most marketers are. The interesting thing about Seth and the dozen or so books he’s written is that each and every one follows a similar style: Identify the paradigm Demonstrate why and how it’s broken Present an alternative Challenge you to either accept or reject his […]

“It doesn’t matter if you’re running a Fortune 100 company, a newly minted startup, or a photoblog that just happens to be seen by millions. This is how you communicate.” As a little sneak peek, I’m intending to write a web review article for the Indianapolis Business Journal on The Big Picture soon, but they […]