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When we sit down and talk with clients and prospects, many of whom come to us with statements like “I need a new website,” we always start by asking lots of questions. In my Vistage Group, we refer to this as “brilliant inquiry.” The idea is not to generate solutions but to more clearly define the […]

“We added the link on July 24. Within a few days, organic traffic from Google dropped more than 80%” While there doesn’t seem to be any official word that I can find, the evidence strongly suggests that Google has a serious problem with Coupon Mountain, on online repository of promotion codes used by several national […]

Inexplicably, Google is indexing it’s own ads on sites in their content network, leading to a whole bevy of related problems, inaccuracies, and heartburn. “Hi, Jim.” That may be a slight overstatement, but I gotta tell you, at this point I’m dealing with a fairly serious love-hate relationship. The company and their eggheads do so […]