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As much as I dislike words like ‘takeaway’, it seems the easiest way to describe something worth, uh… taking away from the event. So here, in no particular order (and without implying any synergistic connection or claims of empowerment), are the primary things I learned in Indianapolis this week. I learned, from a company much […]

I read with interest a post on Sports Marketing 2.0 by Tim McGarry. In it, Tim discussed the hits and misses of social media in Super Bowl XLV and made some suggestions for how it can be improved in the future. (Speaking of the future, I for one can hardly wait for next February when […]

Dan forwarded me an article today that ranks right up near the top of my “Things to read that are relevant” list. Titled “What If Giving Up Your Brand Really Means Giving Up?” this Advertising Age article from Jonathan Salem Baskin asks some very pointed questions and draws some mildly controversial conclusions. (At least, I’m […]