Let’s see… we talked about about design, site architecture, implementation strategy, marketing strategy…

We walked out of a client meeting the other day when Michael, one of our recently-acquired programmers asked me, “So, was that fairly typical of how these meetings go?”
I ran through a mental checklist… let’s see, we talked about design, site architecture, implementation strategy, marketing strategy, product delivery, logo and identity development, branding issues and concerns, product pricing, sales efforts, post-launch PR and marketing efforts, beta testing, testimonials, and a few other things.
“Yes,” says I, “that’s a pretty good example of how these things go.” His response surprised me:
“I’m surprised at how much business consulting goes on,” he said.
Which is interesting to me, primarily because it can be difficult to define what we do. Obviously, we specialize in web development and new media, but there are so many other issues involved that we’re providing a high level of business consulting at every step of the way. I just never really thought about it in that light before.
Thanks, Michael!
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