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“We added the link on July 24. Within a few days, organic traffic from Google dropped more than 80%” While there doesn’t seem to be any official word that I can find, the evidence strongly suggests that Google has a serious problem with Coupon Mountain, on online repository of promotion codes used by several national […]

We often field questions and have conversations around justifying the investment in good design. Traditionally, it’s been very difficult to quantify the ROI of design. In some ways, the internet is helping to change that. We’ve recently had the opportunity to accurately measure the impact of design for DRG, one of our clients in the […]

“Now you have to decide whether you have anything to say that’s important to you, your customers, your prospects… your career. Go ahead, think it over. You’ve got four minutes.” Still wondering if you should have a blog to help explain who you are, what your business is, how you help your customers? You may […]

Another recently released study cites the importance of consumer reviews for e-commerce sites. In fact, nearly nine people out of ten use consumer-generated reviews at least “some of the time” in their buying decision, and many — 46% — read several reviews before making a decision. The study, performed by PowerReviews and the e-tailing group, […]

Harvey Mackay writes an interesting article today about the power of humor in the workplace to transform moods, heighten morale, and — surprisingly — act as a strong indicator of the true health of the business. “I’ve always felt that humor,” says Mackay, “is the unrecognized indicator of any business’ true condition.” Turns out he […]

Let’s see… we talked about about design, site architecture, implementation strategy, marketing strategy… We walked out of a client meeting the other day when Michael, one of our recently-acquired programmers asked me, “So, was that fairly typical of how these meetings go?” I ran through a mental checklist… let’s see, we talked about design, site […]

Inexplicably, Google is indexing it’s own ads on sites in their content network, leading to a whole bevy of related problems, inaccuracies, and heartburn. “Hi, Jim.” That may be a slight overstatement, but I gotta tell you, at this point I’m dealing with a fairly serious love-hate relationship. The company and their eggheads do so […]